ATL Lounge is the perfect place to celebrate your birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and many more. We promise to make your special day even more special by offering you the best service. With our central location at 5,000 sq ft, we accommodate large-scale events at 400 people.

Birthday Party

Throw a Great Party

ATL Lounge Toronto is ideal for hosting private birthday parties! Get in touch to book your next private party.

Video Shoot

Shoot your music video

ATL Lounge Toronto is the perfect place to shoot your music video in a club environment. Get in touch to book your next shoot.

Bachelorette Party

Host your bachelorette party

Did you know ATL Lounge Toronto can also host your bachelorette party? Get in touch to book your party!

Private Booth

Book a Private Booth

ATL Lounge Toronto offers 2 private booths away from the general area. Great for a private group who only want to enjoy within each other. Get in touch to book your private booth.

360 view of The Lounge


Here are the events we have lined up for you.



Caribana Wave



Seductive Saturday



ATL Friday

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